Best Childrens Party Games

A children’s party is never complete without party games that keep kids excited and having the jolliest time they can have. Whether you’re having an intimate party of kids or a lavish party with the entire school at your backyard, these classic and simple party games will surely keep your guests entertained.

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Here are 10 best childrens party games ideas for your child’s next birthday:

1. Hanging Marshmallows

Hang about 6 marshmallows on a string – an adult can hold the string or you can tie it on a clothesline. Hang as many strings as you like depending on how many kids join the game. Have the kids put their hands behind their backs and on your count, have them eat the marshmallows with the first kid finishing all 6 declared as the winner.

2. Find the Animal

Place a small plastic animal on a bowl and cover it with jelly. Place several bowls on a table, depending on how many kids join the game. Have them place their hands behind their backs, and on your count, have them looking for the toy animal with their mouths. The first kid to retrieve a toy wins the game.

3. Guessing Game: Touch and Feel

Have several items placed inside a sealed box with an opening big enough to fit a child’s hand. Have a definite number of kids join the game. The kids then have to touch the items inside the box and guess what they are. The kid who gets the most correct answers win.

5. Moving Raisins

Prepare pieces of plates, pairs of chopsticks, and some raisins. Place about 10 raisins on one plate with another plate placed one feet beside it. Give a pair of chopsticks to each participant, and have them standing over the table. On your count, have the kids transfer all the raisins on one plate to the other plate using the chopsticks. The first kid who completes the task, wins.

6. Prize Trail

Prepare a number of prizes and write each prize on a piece of paper. Create a circular trail that’s big enough to accommodate about 12 kids. Have the kids stand on the trail, telling them to move and dance around to the music you will be playing. Tell them to stop moving around and to step on a piece of paper when the music stops. Turn the music on again and repeat for about 3 times. At the end of the game, have the kids pick up the piece of paper they were standing on, and those who are lucky enough to have a prize written on their paper gets the prize!

7. The Longest Line

Divide the kids into 3 large groups. Tell them to make a long continuous line on the floor using items that they have on their body – it could be a belt, a hair tie, a handkerchief, a jacket, and just about anything that they can use to create a long line. Give them a time of 30 seconds. When the time is up, measure the lines using a tape measure and the group that has the longest line wins the game.

8. Mary Goes to Town

Divide the kids into groups of 5 members. Give each group a lady’s top, a skirt, a pair of sandals, a scarf, a hat, and a basket. Make them form a straight line, and about 8 metres away, have an adult stand in front of the line. The rules of the game consist of putting on the pieces of clothing and accessories, carrying the basket, and sashaying the hips as they walk towards the adult and back to the group. The participant then takes off all the items of clothing and accessories, and give it to the person standing next in line. The group wins when all of its members have taken their turn as “Mary.”

9. Balloon Pop

This super simple game involves popping the most balloons in as little time as possible. Give two groups of kids about 10 balloons each. The group that pops the most balloons in 30 seconds wins the game.

10. Sleepy Lions

This is a great game for toddlers. Prepare a large mat on the floor and have the kids lie down. Tell them to act like they’re sleeping and that no matter what you do, they shouldn’t open their eyes and/or move. Once the kids have closed their eyes and stopped moving, you then start to move around them, whispering in their ears, tickling them, talking to them, and try as hard as you can to disturb them. If a child moves, smiles, or open their eyes, then they’re out of the game. The child or children who doesn’t move at all after about 2 minutes wins the game.

These party game ideas require close to nothing in terms of expenses, which means your guests can have the time of their lives with very little or even no additional expense from you. They’re fun, simple, and easy party games that everyone can enjoy – so try them out and you and your guests will surely have the time of your lives.

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